I know I am the low man on the totem pole here, but I just wanted to commend you and in particular how Travis has helped so much with our new printer installation and just now when I needed help with a small issue of switching Angela’s larger monitor I brought up from SD. I know you both are super busy---but he did it immediately! Now she will be totally surprised when she returns from lunch!

On Friday we had three new printers delivered from South Coast Copy Systems (SCCS) and the 3rd printer did not have a port hook up for it close by so Travis had me order the equipment needed for me to hook it up on Monday. When the SCCS delivery guy set the 3rd printer on the desk and I told him I will be having our IT guy help me on Monday because there needs to be extra equipment , he said “these IT’s guys are really slow to respond, if you don’t get the help you need call me back and I will help you”….I said ok, but our IT’s guys are really good about response time.

Well, when Monday came it didn’t take much time for Travis to help me connect up the 3rd printer (except for him having to repeat himself a few times---I needed to take it slow!) He took over and had all the printers up and running in no time!

The SCCS guy called me on Tuesday to make sure our IT guys helped me out (which was very nice of him) and I was happy to tell him, our IT guys are always here to help!

Today, with the quick response on the switching monitors made me want to say Thank you in writing!

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